2600 East Carson Street

2600 East Carson Street

Project Details:

2600 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA

  • Project Size: 160,000 sq. ft.
  • Project Cost: $15,000,000

  • Historic Building Renovation
  • BDA provided cost-effective MEP/FP systems approach, meeting code requirements while avoiding arbitrary design upgrades.
  • Mechanical Systems cooling was provided by split system DX fan coil units. Perimeter electric heating and supplemental electric heat at the fan coil units was provided.
  • Stairwell pressurization system design.
  • Snow Melt system design.
  • Electrical Systems included coordination and design of a new electrical service and new individual metering.
  • New power distribution.
  • Coordination and design of lighting of system, utilizing energy efficient lamps and ballasts.
  • Emergency egress lighting design. Data/communication outlet requirements.
  • Security system coordination.
  • Coordination and design of domestic hot water systems.
  • Coordination with architect for interior storm drainage systems associated with new roof and separation of storm system from sanitary sewage system.
  • Fire Protection documentation indicating sprinkler head locations, densities, and prescriptive requirements.
  • Fire pump and standpipe system schematic modifications.