Recreational Facilities:

Nemacolin Woodlands Pool & Spa - The Woodlands Spa is 3-stories and 32,000 square feet, with state-of-the-art fitness facilities and an indoor heated pool and sauna area.  The Woodlands Spa features 34 massage rooms with four couples massage rooms, four body treatment rooms, two Vichy Shower rooms, and two hydrotherapy rooms, plus six skin care rooms.  The Woodlands Spa is considered one of the premier spa facilities in North America.

aBDA design services included HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection system design for the spa and new squash courts.

Warrior Stadium
Newman Stadium Renovation - The district is now home to a 10,500 square-foot athletic facility that can seat 4,500 spectators. The stadium includes special features i.e., two new concession areas, a food preparation area, a community ticket booth, and expanded and disability-accessible restrooms.  The second level, accessible by new elevators, includes coaches' rooms for teams, a media and announcer room, an athletic meeting area, and a commons room for community events.

BDA services included a comprehensive study of existing conditions, which enabled some existing equipment to be reused and integrated into the renovated spaces.

Morris College Island Sports Center, Neville, Island PA – BDA services included design of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and sprinkler systems for a new 160,000 square foot facility, including an ice hockey rink, indoor golf dome health spa and soccer complex.  The design included a central chiller plant using multiple, 200-ton, screw chillers, central variable air volume systems, a central boiler plant, direct digital control systems, plumbing systems, electrical systems and fire protection.  HVAC system design included variable speed pumping, airside economizer systems, ice rink conditioning and indoor air quality monitoring.  Ice rink conditioning was accomplished with desiccant dehumidification systems that incorporated heat recovery.  Plumbing design included a demineralized feed water system and a large central multi-temperature domestic water heating system.  Sprinkler system design included a standard wet-pipe system, an antifreeze system and water curtains.  Electrical design included a large main service that served the 160,000 square foot structure, other buildings on the site, emergency power systems, fire alarms, lighting and power distribution.  Locker room design included mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.  Occupacy sensors were incorporated in all public spaces to reduce energy costs.

Southpointe Fitness Center - The Health Club at Southpointe is just one part of an innovative and growing residential/recreational/medical/business complex designed to meet the unique lifestyle needs of individuals and families throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.

BDA services included HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler, electrical and life safety design for a new upscale fitness facility.

California University Hammer Hall Pool
– BDA services included HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems for a University Competition Pool facility and adjacent classrooms.  The pool HVAC system consisted of a multi-stage heat recovery system that uses its heat of rejection for heating of the pool water, dehumidification or heat recovery.  Also included in the mechanical design were pool water heating systems, pool water filtration systems and pool plumbing systems.  Electrical design included special pool lighting systems to allow videotaping of events.  The classroom portion of the project included a central VAV system.

aCalifornia University Herron Hall
- Once served as the primary gymnasium for the college. Today, Herron serves as Cal U's fitness center and home of Recreational Services.
BDA performed an extensive building study that included the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.  Thorough review of existing as-built drawings; building assessment of the existing heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation equipment, existing electrical  and plumbing systems for condition and code compliance.  A budgetary cost estimate was provided to the university.  BDA will provide engineering services for the current 36,000 sq. ft. renovation of the existing building and a 20,000 sq. ft. addition to this facility.  This will provide students with a top-notch recreational facility.

Sarah Heinz HouseThis 35,000 sq. foot addition will make this one of the nations largest boys and girls club.  A commercial kitchen will allow for job training.  This building combines beauty and practicality on every level in and out.

BDA services included HVAC, plumbing, electrical and life safety design for a 35,000 sq. ft new building addition and mechanical and electrical work for an existing 40,000 square foot building.  The new building houses a gymnasium, pool, locker rooms, offices, multi-purpose rooms and meeting areas.  The energy conservation strageties included daylight dimming, energy efficient pool systems, rainwater reuse system analysis and design and renewable energy systems analysis.  The building is being submitted for a Silver LEED rating.