Hotels and Resorts Sample Project List

aNemacolin Woodlands Lodge -
The original hotel of Nemacolin, these 98 tastefully appointed, oversized guest rooms offer the warmth of a classic English country inn. The Lodge houses the resort’s Golden Trout restaurant, an extensive conference center, and multiple inviting lobbies and common areas. The English Tudor style Lodge houses a large portion of the extensive works in the Hardy Family Art Collection.

BDA services included HVAC, plumbing, electrical and life safety design for a multi-story hotel.   The HVAC system is a 4-pipe chilled water/hot water system using a dual compressor air-cooled chiller and lead and lag sealed combustion boilers.   Variable speed pumping was employed along with heat recovery ventilation to reduce energy costs.   Electrical design included the design of the primary and secondary voltage systems, and included a large natural gas generator for emergency power.   Energy efficient lighting was used throughout the structure to reduce energy costs.   BDA also determined wall and roof insulation techniques to reduce thermal bridging and building energy usage.

Nemacolin Woodlands Lafayette Hotel - Inspired by the classic hotels of Europe, the Chateau LaFayette sets the benchmark for excellence in resort lodging. The Chateau offers 124 magnificent guest rooms and also houses a grand reception lobby, a cigar bar, an upscale jewelry store, an elegant tea room and the resort’s contemporary French bistro, Lautrec.

BDA services included HVAC, plumbing and sprinkler design for a new luxury hotel.  The mechanical design included a central chiller plant using two 220 ton screw machines, a central make-up air system incorporating heat recovery, a central boiler plant, direct digital control systems, plumbing systems and fire protection.  HVAC system design included variable speed pumping, a waterside economizer system and indoor air quality monitoring controls.  Plumbing design included a pressure boosting system and a large central multi-temperature domestic water heating system.  Sprinkler system design included a fire pump, wet and dry sprinkler systems and a double-interlock preaction system.

Seven Spring Mountain Resort –
This rustic 10-story hotel offers a unique mountain getaway experience with many different room selections to choose from.  The resort has many on-site dining choices and amenities galore.

BDA services included a new 4-pipe chilled water heating and cooling system using dual air-cooled chillers and redundant gas-fired boilers to replace an antiquated 2-pipe system.   BDA also designed a new sprinkler and standpipe system, fire alarm system and electrical upgrades.

a7-Springs 4-story and 3-story hotels:
BDA prepared a detailed study of the existing hotels HVAC, life safety and electrical systems.  The majority of the hotel rooms are air conditioned by packaged through-wall units.

BDA has been providing the resort with Mechanical and Electrical consulting services since the mid 1990s, and currently completed a comprehensive review of the resort's mechanical systems serving the hotels, restaurants, offices, pool, spa, meeting rooms, bowling alley, etc.

Marriott Renaissance Hotel, Pittsburgh, PAThis Unique Four Star Hotel is located in the Stylist Cultural District of Downtown Pittsburgh.  A place where guests experience a part of old and new modern conveniences at the same time.

BDA was involved with the initial design and selection of the mechanical system working through Sauer Mechanical.