Green and LEED Rated Buildings:

Sarah Heinz House This 35,000 sq. foot addition will make this one of the nations largest boys and girls club.  The new pool and gymnasium will give many more children great opportunities.  A commercial kitchen will allow for job training.  This building combines beauty and practicality on every level in and out.

BDA services included HVAC, plumbing, electrical and life safety design for a new building addition and partial MEP work in an existing 40,000 square foot building. The design included daylight dimming, energy efficient pool systems, rainwater system analysis and design and renewable energy systems analysis.  The goal is for a Silver LEED rating.

McGinnis Education Center (Camp Guyasuta) -
Actually two buildings in one, half of the center is a dormitory with space for 114 scouts at 6 per room. The other half is contains a large dining/meeting room, two conference rooms, and a kitchen big enough to serve 160.  The building is the first BSA facility in the country to attempt LEED certification.

BDA services included HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler, electrical and life safety design.  The new building is proposed to house dormitory style sleeping rooms, central bathrooms, a kitchen and meeting areas.  This design received a LEED Silver Rating.

aWYEP Radio Station -
BDA services included HVAC, electrical and plumbing design for a new two-story building, including basement and parking garage.    Zoning was installed for each studio.  BDA provided basic commissioning, analysis and fundamental commissioning.  This design received a LEED Silver Rating.

aCarnegie Mellon University Highlander Café -
BDA services included HVAC, plumbing, electrical, sprinkler and fire alarm design for the renovation of the Highlander Café which included 3 dining rooms and a mezzanine. BDA provided energy analysis, fundamental commissioning and an evaluation of energy savings options (LEED Scorecard).  This Building is being submitted for LEED C.I. Rating.

Conservation Consultants Inc.
- As CCI continued to grow, a larger, more flexible building was needed to support our increasing scope of programs. In 1993, CCI purchased and renovated an 80-year-old former commercial building on Pittsburgh's South Side. Consistent with our mission to preserve Western Pennsylvania's resources, CCI retrofitted our new headquarters, The CCI Center, by using environmentally friendly building materials. 

aBDA services included design of efficient HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems for an existing building designed to promote energy efficient and green technologies.  The HVAC design included gas absorption and compression type cooling and heating systems, sensible and latent heat recovery and the design of a radiant floor.  Plumbing design included the evaluation of a gray water system, the design of a solar domestic water heating system and the use of low-flow fixtures. Electrical design encompassed the use of high efficiency lighting fixtures, emergency lighting systems, building integrated photovoltaic systems (BIPV) and occupancy sensors.  The BIPV component consisted of using PV panels for shading. This building received a LEED EB Gold Rating.

Carriage House - Ulysses J.L. Peoples built Wightman School as a sub-district of the Colfax Schools. The original building was only five rooms and an office. Later, the same architect was contracted to enlarge the building, adding eight rooms, a library, and a third floor gymnasium. The Romanesque style of the new wing is decorated with ornate cherubic friezes, intricate stained glass windows and a highly elaborate facade on the stage.  This building currently houses the Carriage House Children’s Center.

BDA services included HVAC design of the basement and 1st floor of this multi-story building.  LEED design services consisted of commissioning, building system analysis and support in an effort for a LEED EB rating of this structure.